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Cyber Security Services

Protect your business, customers, and compliance with enterprise-class cyber security.

Secure Your Digital Premises. Thrive Without Disruptions

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Secure Your Data and Operations From Disruptive Threats

Your data and the possibility of locking down your business are a treasure trove for cyber threats who can use both as levers for private gain. Just like how we secure our premises with locks and bolts, our digital premises need to be secured to keep your business safe and on a smooth road to success, and that’s exactly what our cyber security services can do for you. 

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Ensure Business Continuity and Empower Regulatory Compliance

Stay on the road no matter the weather and empower compliance with data protection regulations by wrapping multiple layers of security around it and having measures in place to recover it if it is ever lost or stolen. Robust cyber security gives your business the resilience and agility that it needs to keep on keeping on even when the unexpected happens. Securing your data using the latest cyber security measures also empowers compliance with regulations such as GDPR, the MHRA, and SRA, among others. 

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Mitigate Risks Across the Board

A data breach or cyber attack can have catastrophic impacts on a business and derail their success story entirely. However, with cyber security measures in place, you can dramatically decreases the chances and impact of a cyber attack on your business. We’ll take care of safeguarding your business, so you can focus on looking after your customers. 

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Device Protection

We secure devices from malware using multiple layers of protection, including advanced encryption, access controls, enterprise anti-malware software and advanced monitoring tools that flag up and respond to potential threats in real-time.

Network Security

We secure your digital foundations using advanced network monitoring tools, firewalls, and systems that intelligently scan for threats in real-time based on past data and threat intelligence from the web, ensuring that your devices and the connections between them are working securely.

Data Protection

We secure your data and give you the defences, insight, and centralised control that you need to keep your data in the right places and in the right hands. Including advanced email security, encryption, access controls, streamlined multi-factor authentication, and data loss prevention tools.

Our Core Cyber Security Solutions for Businesses

Your business’s integrated defence solution, our cyber security services, are designed to holistically protect your network, devices, and data from today’s spectrum of cyber threats. 

Cyber hackers are waiting for your staff to make a mistake.

Are you confident that your staff are aware & trained to best protect your business from email and web-based cyber threats?

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Finding and Addressing Vulnerabilities: Network Audits

Our network assessments get the lay of the land of your cyber security risks across your business and provide a clear and actionable roadmap for addressing them to lower your cyber risk profile. We test the security posture of your network using penetration tools that actively seek to find and exploit vulnerabilities, giving you a clear picture of how your business could be compromised and the impacts that would occur if these vulnerabilities were exploited. 

With these insights, you’ll be empowered to not only secure your customers and operations but also your regulatory compliance. 

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Business Email Security and User Awareness Training (UAT)

Because most cyber attacks are connected to users, email security and UAT are two of the most effective ways to prevent cyber attackers from getting the keys to your digital premises from your people. We use email filtering tools that detect the front and back-end signs of malicious or fraudulent emails to safeguard your people. 

User Awareness Training offers a second layer of protection by empowering your people with the know-how that they need to identify even sophisticated phishing emails, enabling you to empower your people to be the strongest link in your cyber security chain, rather than the weakest. 

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Rob Leverton

Rob has worked as an IT technician and project manager with Connexion for 14 years before moving into his current role as head of the technical services team.

Although Rob comes from a technical background he’s very much a people person and he is exceptionally good at building excellent working relationships with our customers and his technical team to deliver service excellence to our clients.

Rob Leverton

James Stratton

James is passionate about technology and how it can transform business.  Having worked with hundreds of businesses in many different sectors over the last 25 years he has a huge amount of business IT knowledge that he enjoys imparting to Connexions customers.

James is responsible for Connexions strategic development and also still enjoys a role in consulting and sales and marketing