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Making technology super simple for your business.

For over 35 years, businesses just like yours have continued to rely upon ATG for jargon-free IT Support and technology services.

"Trusted ATG since 2011. Expert advice, swift and effective, invaluable to us."
EIF Holdings

How can we help you?

Technology Partners for Your Journey

The technology and market landscape are shifting, and there’s more opportunity than ever before to use IT to thrive, but it can be complex, costly, and risky to do so. With the right partner by your side, you can make tech work for your business rather than the other way around and use it to outshine the competition.


Every business deserves an IT partner that offers transparency around their services, costs, and deliverables. Trust is the foundation for success and rewarding relationships. As an IT service provider with a partnership-approach we’re here to serve as your trusty advisers and guides for your journey. 

Trust & Transparency

Every growing business runs into a range of tech troubles; their IT gets more complex, things stop working as they should, and there’s opportunities to innovate, but the know-how and resources to do it internally are lacking. We love empowering businesses to grow and delight their customers while safeguarding their success from cyber threats.

Growth Support

"ATG understand what we need. Within 5 minutes, we get problems solved, or pointed in the right direction towards the solution."

Mark Blackburn,
Director of Operations, Mountpark

A - Advisory Partnership:

ATG acts as a business-centric technological advisor, not just a service provider. We offer tailored solutions that fit your unique needs, backed by 35 years of knowledge and experience. Our approach is to empower your business with the right technology, ensuring it serves your commercial objectives.

T - Tailored & Transparent:

With a 99% customer satisfaction rate, we pride ourselves on blending proactive service with transparency and direct communication. You'll have direct access to engineers without tiered product/pricing models. Our partnership is based on trust, providing only what you need to thrive today and tomorrow.

G - Growth & Guidance

ATG is committed to empowering your growth. We offer platform-agnostic solutions and leverage tools like Microsoft 365, AI, and cloud services, tailoring them to how you work. Our process starts with an assessment to identify opportunities for improvement and ends with a strategic technology partnership that drives continuous improvements

Completely Tailored IT Services for your Business Journey

Consultative, caring, and attentive, we’re unique amongst other IT service providers in how tailored and personal our approach is. We don’t prescribe tech and services, we discover how you work and what you need before we recommend and tailor solutions. 

Technology should be comfortable and empowering for how you work today and where you want to be tomorrow. So we take the time to be a true partner to your business, one that connects technology in your goals and success.

You Ask, We Advise

Embark on a journey of technological empowerment with ATG. Begin with a conversation that sets the stage for transformation. Share your challenges, goals, and aspirations with us, and let our experts provide tailored, insightful advice. With 35 years of experience and a commitment to understanding the unique needs of your business, we’re here not just to answer questions but to uncover opportunities that drive your business forward. Let’s start the dialogue today and lay the groundwork for your business’s future success.

Our Services At A Glance: Managed IT Support & Consultancy, Cyber Security, And Cloud Solutions

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Managed IT Support & IT Consultancy Services

Our managed IT services are your one-stop-shop for your technology needs, including fast and friendly helpdesk support from our dedicated team as well as management, monitoring, security, and optimisation for your IT environment. 

Our IT consultancy services help you to go beyond getting the best from your IT across your day-to-day; they enable your business to maximise the ROI that it gets from its IT budget and help you to connect technology with your wider goals. The best part? We take the bits and bytes out of it all and make it simple for your business!

Close up of ATG employee working on the computer

Cyber Security: Safeguarding Your Business's Success Story

From data backup and recovery and cyber security roadmapping, to advanced device, email and user protection measures, our cyber security services empower your business’s continuity, compliance, and ability to focus on what it does best with peace of mind. 

Far away shot of the ATG office showing employees working

Innovate With Cloud Solutions

Our cloud services enable businesses to modernise, streamline, integrate, and easily scale their IT operations. From Microsoft 365 implementation to cloud migrations and management, we offer inclusive business cloud solutions that are customised to offer each business the enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness that they need from their workplace tools and IT infrastructure.

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Smooth Transition Assured badge

Concerned that switching IT providers will be a pain in the neck?

Smooth Transition Assured badge

Concerned that switching IT providers
will be a pain in the neck?

Our proven transition process takes away the responsibilities on your shoulders, while avoiding downtime and disruption; ensuring your team are fully operational and supported throughout the whole transition.

We provide FREE 3-months worth of IT Support – allowing you to give notice to your incumbent provider, and when inevitably their service starts to drop – we’re already on-hand to provide you with support and commence the transition. Avoiding a drop in support service and IT functionality for your team.

Assessment & Advancement

We begin with a thorough assessment to understand your current technology usage, identifying areas for improvement and innovation. This stage sets the foundation for a tailored strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Transformation & Technology Integration

Following the assessment, we implement project-centric work to elevate your tech usage. This includes one-time improvements, end-user adoption support, and integrating technologies like AI and automation to streamline operations and drive ROI.

Growth & Governance

With ongoing support and proactive maintenance, we help mitigate risks and ensure smooth operations. Our strategic partnership includes continuous advice, guidance, and the adoption of new technologies relevant to your business needs, fostering long-term growth and innovation.

Our IT Success Process

Our continuous process is grounded in insight and evidence. We help businesses to prioritise, implement, and optimise technology effectively in alignment with their strategic goals. 

"ATG provide us with security, reliability and confidence across our multi-national network. They understand our needs from our IT infrastructure."

Tech Troubles?

ATG makes IT as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Struggling with IT? Schedule a no-obligation chat with our Managing Director, Guy.

Discover simple, secure IT solutions that propel your business forward. Transform your aspirations into achievements. Let’s talk!

Rob Leverton

Rob has worked as an IT technician and project manager with Connexion for 14 years before moving into his current role as head of the technical services team.

Although Rob comes from a technical background he’s very much a people person and he is exceptionally good at building excellent working relationships with our customers and his technical team to deliver service excellence to our clients.

Rob Leverton

James Stratton

James is passionate about technology and how it can transform business.  Having worked with hundreds of businesses in many different sectors over the last 25 years he has a huge amount of business IT knowledge that he enjoys imparting to Connexions customers.

James is responsible for Connexions strategic development and also still enjoys a role in consulting and sales and marketing